To The Tune of “Happy”

It might seem crazy to go about this way,
But I thought we should work before the girls could play.
It was almost sunset when we hit the park.
And the girls ran around in the growing dark.
Because I’m Daddy
Don’t know what else to call it and Target’s never heard of Chux
Because I’m Daddy
So we roamed around to get hangers and then just said “Shucks”
Because I’m Daddy
As soon as we reach the van, RU has to go to the loo
Because I’m Daddy
If this sounds familiar, then you might be a daddy, too.
We pull up to the UPS store and there’s a line.
But “Let it go” comes on so I say “That’s fine.”
When it’s over, we get out and go inside.
And the girls act so bad I just wanna hide.
Here’s why:

(That’s all I got before Me-Too decided she was big enough to go down the fireman’s pole instead of the slide, causing me to smash my shins real hard against a piece of playground equipment while trying to prevent her destruction. I’ll leave finishing it as an exercise for you, Dear Reader.)