Disney-cation Roundup

Despite the tone of my previous post — and the tone of everyone’s voices on the last day of our drive home — we had a great time on our trip.

Except for RU’s baby Mickey doll, who I think must have had a role in the kids playing “Jack Bauer Interrogates A Suspect At The Off-Books Black Site.”

"No, Mr. Mouse, I expect you to die."
“No, Mr. Mouse, I expect you to die.”


We rode the new Seven Dwarfs’ Mine Car roller coaster for the first time, including RU. The Wife and I liked it — I’m a wimp when it comes to roller coasters and this one was easy enough for me to enjoy. RU said she did not like it, although (as she pointed out) she didn’t scream. She felt she will like it when she gets bigger.

MeToo seems to have completely grown out of the “terrified of characters in costume” phase that kids go through. She gave high-fives to nearly every one she saw.

Best thing on t-shirt spotted while at the park: “Six out of seven dwarfs are not Happy.”

Although I had come to the conclusion she probably wouldn’t like it, we offered RU the chance to ride Star Tours and she took it. She had a great time, riding first with Mommy and then with me. I told her the ride was based on some movies we’d watch with her sometime. Her mom said she could stay up late to see them; I think she’ll dig it.