Love’s Labour In Progress

As I mention in the About page, this blog is a work in progress. You will soon see some changes as I attempt to spin the straw of this site’s content into, if not gold, at least some of that copper wiring people are always stealing from old buildings and selling for scrap.

In other words, I’m going to start occasionally putting in links to Amazon. If you follow them and buy things, I will get some pocket change tossed my way. I don’t intend to let product placement distract from the quality of my work; I write the posts first and then figure out if I’ve mentioned a product that you, Dear Reader, might be interested in learning more about. It will probably be clear in the post what I think of said product. If not, don’t consider the link to be an endorsement; I may just include them to save you the trouble of opening up a new window and searching for yourself.

As an experiment, I’ve gone back and modified my post on the best way to view the Star Wars films.

Feel free to provide any feedback about how this impacts your experience. By the way, the feedback form is also an experiment. Feel free to provide feedback about it, too.

“Now will I look to his remuneration. Remuneration!
O, that’s the Latin word for three farthings: three
farthings–remuneration.–‘What’s the price of this
inkle?’–‘One penny.’–‘No, I’ll give you a
remuneration:’ why, it carries it. Remuneration!
why, it is a fairer name than French crown. I will
never buy and sell out of this word.”

-The Bard (who also got paid for what he wrote)

Just Try to Enforce It

In the category of “Things I Never Thought I’d Have to Say Before I Became A Parent.”

Me: “Stop trying to use your freeze powers on your sister while we’re trying to get ready to go. We will just have to wait for her to thaw, which will take forever and make us late.”

RU (to MeToo): “Froze!”

MeToo (crying): “No! No froze me!”

Me: “I will suspend the use of all freeze powers in this house if you girls don’t stop it right now!”