Happy President’s Day!

Poor RU has been sick, throwing up and having diarrhea throughout the weekend. A finicky eater most days, her illness has transformed RU into something like a Tibetan yogi who can survive solely on petulance and Octonaut reruns. Maybe she’s not that bad, but the Wife and I have been fighting a rearguard action against dehydration and RU’s interest in liquids is purely academic.

She’s not quite over it today, but I think she’s on the mend. At least, she has more of an appetite now. Though, that just means that whatever kind of stomach bug that still torments her now has more stuff to expunge from her body at one or the other end in an effort to spread itself to the rest of us. And, trust me, it’s not being shy about its motives.

I’ve spent the past four days in the house taking care of RU. I expect both of us will come down with a bad case of cabin fever in the next, oh, fifteen minutes or so. Which is really too bad because Winter Storm Octavia has swept in and promises to coat the landscape with half an inch of ice before it starts dumping snow by the crap-load. The temperature isn’t supposed to climb above freezing until after Friday. I’m assuming we will be stuck at home until things thaw.

Given that it is President’s Day, and that this weather doesn’t especially resemble Emperor Augustus’s sister, I’ve heard the Wife and her friends referring to the storm by names like “Martin Van Brrrr-ren,” “Calvin Cool-idge,” and “Richard My-God-It’s-Cold Nixon” (they can’t all be winners). Whatever you name it, it’s work has begun in earnest. But have no fear, Dear Reader! If Theodore Snowsevelt causes us to lose power, I have a couple of posts already in the can for just such a contingency.

In other news, my experiment with Amazon’s Affiliate program is at an end. I think I will likely try it again in the future, and there will be other such experiments as well, but for now I will just focus on writing content. That, and figuring out all this social media stuff everyone else in the first world has been using for the past decade.

Stay warm!

Woodsnow Wilson approacheth
Woodsnow Wilson approacheth