Follow-ups (Boom)

Just some quick updates today. “The Many Trials of MeToo” and other chronicles of our vacation will return in a day or two.

First, because I know everyone’s been hanging on the edge of their seat for weeks and weeks, we believe we’ve solved The Case of MeToo’s Bling. Apparently, that particular Jamberry nail decal-thingeedoodle has two layers .The bottom layer is silver sparkle, even though it doesn’t show through or add to the effect of the top layer whatsoever. Somehow, only the top layer of MeToo’s Jamberrys (Jamberries?) peeled off. No relatives, mysterious strangers, or fictional characters secretly applied cosmetics to our child. But I’ve still got my eye on that Caillou kid.

I’ve made a couple of slight changes to the site. There’s now a spot on the left-hand column where you can subscribe — handy if you want your Blog of the Dad posts delivered straight to your e-mail when they go up. In that same patch of real estate, a little further down, you’ll see that I’ve become a twit. You can follow me on Twitter, or just glance at the recent tweets here on the website. I don’t tweeddle that often, but it’s been handy for recording amusing things the kids say that might not merit their own blog post.

Little Z is through his near back-to-back wonder weeks (until the next one) and, as promised, is like a whole new baby. He is wiggly, rolly, and will probably be sitting up as soon as he gets his big ol’ bobble-head under control. Last night, he rolled onto his tummy and was trying to lift himself onto his hands and knees. We quickly flipped him on his back again before he made any progress. I’m not prepared for him to be mobile yet.

Finally, RU’s version of “Let It Go” continues to evolve. She has added a lyric that sounds like “can’t ride like a door” and now ends the song by saying “boom.” I assumed the closing sound effect was meant to simulate a mic drop — not that I had any clue where she would have picked that up from (after all, yours truly had to look the practice up on Urban Dictionary just to make sure I had the right term). The Wife explained it’s from some “tribal” cover of the song that ends in a drum beat. (That’s less interesting, though, so I’m going to continue to imagine it the other way.) However, the other day I also heard her sing the chorus from “American Pie” with perfect accuracy. It only took me singing it to her as a lullaby nearly every night for two weeks straight. Take that, pop culture!