Too, Too Much

RU (from the back of the van): “There are four eyes in this drawing. Two eyes and two eyes, that makes four. And I’m four.”

Me (driving): “Mm-hm.”

RU: “And! And! There are two eyes and two eyes, and MeToo is two, too.”

Me: “MeToo is two, two? Doesn’t two and two make four? MeToo’s not four.”

RU: “No… When you have two of something and a person is two, you can say, ‘That person is two, too.’ It’s not two, two. When you have something that is two of that thing next to someone who is two it doesn’t make them four.”

Me: “…”

RU: “When someone is two, to be with a thing that you have two of them, you can say that you have two and they are two. You can say that the person is two, too. But it’s not two, two. It’s not four.”

Is it just me, or does this “new math” they teach kids these days not make any sense?