Bovine Fail

Today, at a certain fast-food chain (around our house it is known as “Shickie-lay” or sometimes “Cow On The Bag”), you can get free food by coming in dressed as a cow.

Since we almost never get a chance to make our kids wear the cow costume, we decided to go there for lunch. (Yes, of course we have a toddler-sized cow costume. Don’t you? No, we’ve never used it for Halloween. I mean, who dresses their kids up as a cow for Halloween? We keep it next to the Dumbo costume the girls get to wear when we go to Disney.)

The Wife has done this at least once in the past. Her tactic was to take them early in the morning. (Apparently, RU thinks having chicken for breakfast is hilarious.) Given that on a normal day at lunch hour Cow On The Bag is packed full of people and the drive-thru line coils around the building like the Midgard Serpent, going for breakfast probably would have been wise.

Upon seeing that it was standing room only, with families all dressed in white with black spots pressed up against the glass waiting for enough room to squeeze inside, we went to Pollo Tropico across the street instead.

But MeToo insisted on still wearing the costume.

It was so hot she melted!