Fearful Symmetry

Oh, don’t let the title fool you. We just found out that little Sprout is a BOY, and we are thrilled. Even more thrilled than having the barest excuse to make a William Blake reference.

Of all our children, this is the only time we went into the ultrasound appointment with anything like a preference, and that was mostly for Z’s sake. Not that we wouldn’t have been happy to have another girl — I’m quite fond of the ones we’ve got — but we would have felt a little bad for Z being the only boy out of four kids. However, he dodged that pink, glitter-covered bullet and will get to have a brother of his very own.

Way back when the Wife and I were only planning and talking about having children, we had said that two girls and two boys sounded like the ideal arrangement. We’re as surprised as we are pleased that life has actually worked out that way.  Especially given a checkered reproductive past that includes multiple losses and fertility treatments.

Given Murphy’s law of course we had a great name picked out and ready to go for a girl. We don’t know what we’re gonna call Sprout yet.