And… We’re Back

It’s been over a month since my last post, and I wish I could say that the break was due to the family taking a nice summer vacation. No. I’m afraid that when the Wife inquired what exotic location I was going to take her to this year, my response was, “After all the money we spent on the move and this house, I think you’re already there.”
Instead the hiatus was begun by some sort of terrible virus or bacteria. Tiny but potent, it preyed upon us one or two at a time, making one and a half circuits through the whole family. Since I have lately been vivid in my descriptions of unfortunate biological incidents, I will abstain from going into detail here. Let’s just say that for two full weeks, I was kept quite busy taking care of those stricken and constantly changing all the bedding. 
After that, we all needed a little while to recuperate and take care of all the other things that had fallen by the wayside. And then there was traveling for Independence Day and all…
The other big factor has been that two weeks ago, my laptop crashed. Into the floor. From a height of about two and a half feet. After that, when trying to boot up, instead of serving up all of my files and pictures and apps with laboriously personalized settings, it can only sheepishly produce an icon of a file folder with a question mark on it. Just in case my addled MacBook managed to scrape its wits back together, one of the kids shoved it off the couch the following morning because it was in their spot.
Was it backed up? Are you kidding? Backing up my computer is definitely on my list of things to do, but doing that is like changing the air filters in the house or taking a shower — always getting superseded by more immediate concerns. Or the need to sleep. I’ve only managed to find the time to get one haircut in all of 2016 and you think I have time to back up the storehouse of my most precious data? Of course not.
With luck, the expensive data-retrieval place will be able to find it all. And with a little more luck, I can get back into the writing habit. I hope so, because we’ll have a newborn in two or three months and that should yield some hilarious, sleep-deprived posts!