Why am I here?

We’re a family that, while being very traditional, has made some non-mainstream choices. While talking with other new- or expectant-fathers I’ve noticed that I seem to be — not better-informed, but maybe “differently-informed.” I often found myself in conversations talking about things like attachment parenting, baby-wearing, natural childbirth, elimination communication, and the best way to watch Star Wars. I’m not claiming to have all the answers. My kids seem like they’re okay now, but could still turn out to be criminals or become politicians or never move out of the house. I just hope our hilarious misadventures in parenting (and blogging!) manage to give you some new ideas.

Dramatis Personae

The Dad. That’s me. Born and raised in small-town Tennessee.  Comic books taught me to read and role-playing games taught me what math was good for. I’m a board-gaming, baby-wearing, home-schooling, attachment-parenting sci-fi nerd. I am also totally immune to kryptonite.

The Wife. None of this would be possible without her love and support. Especially the parenthood part.  She plans the trips that drag me out of my comfortable rut to someplace cool. This blog ought be called, “You Should Really Ask My Wife.” She’s a daily example to me of what an adult with their act together must look like, and she’s a great cook, to boot.

RU. Our eldest child who is 5 1/2. RU is freakishly tall, loves to read, is being homeschooled this year, and makes up her own songs when she gets tired of repeating the lyrics from Frozen.

MeToo. A bouncing ball of enthusiasm and powerfully-felt emotions. She is a big 3 1/2 now and loves her little brother so much that it’s frequently hazardous for him. Her favorite part of The Lord of the Rings is when [SPOILER] Gandalf dies in the Mines of Moria.

Z. Our son is a year and a half old and is changing on a daily basis. He loves animals, especially “goggies,” until he gets within five feet of one. It will be interesting to see how he reacts to becoming a big brother.

Sprout. (Coming soon.)

Coach and Nana. My mom and dad.

Grandma and Grandpa. The Wife’s mom and dad. Also referred to by MeToo’s names for them: “Granma Cake and Granma Shim.”

This is a work in progress — both the blog and the family.



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UPDATE: I am not currently messing around with putting ads on the site.

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