Blue Lagoon

Papa, give me all your cash so I can keep it in my boot.


Our trip to Iceland included a visit to the Blue Lagoon, which we had scheduled for our first night.

I didn’t see Brooke Shields or Christopher Atkins anywhere. Instead, the Blue Lagoon turned out to be a geothermal spa with milky blue water. It’s situated on some lava fields and is created by water output from a nearby geothermal plant. A swanky spa has been built at the lagoon to provide a classy environment for separating people from their money.

That isn’t to say that the Blue Lagoon itself lacks natural beauty. On the contrary, like pretty much everywhere in Iceland outside of a city, it has natural beauty out the yin-yang. To get to the spa entrance from the parking lot, you walk down a stone path between two walls of black, volcanic rock. Steam billows from cracks in the earth and from pools of hot water, murky and mineral-rich. The whole place looks like Mordor after it got fixed up by Disney.

After we got there, we were informed that Z was too young to partake of the lagoon. This meant that someone had to sit with him while everyone else got to enjoy it. If we’d known that ahead of time, we probably wouldn’t have gone. As it was, the Wife and I ended up taking turns but it severely cut down on the amount of time we got to enjoy the main attraction. Z wasn’t happy about missing out, either.

I, personally, was less than happy with the process for actually getting out into the lagoon. There are men’s and women’s locker rooms where you are to change out of your clothes and get a shower. Faced with the prospect of my father-in-law and I accidentally seeing each other naked in there, I waited in the restroom for several minutes before choosing a locker and disrobing. Once I’d had a very brief shower and set the world’s speed record for getting one’s bathing suit on, I had no clue what to do next. I wandered back out into the hallway and realized that I was the only person around who wasn’t fully dressed; no one else was coming out of the locker rooms wearing their bathing suits and dripping wet. So I went back in and eventually discovered a door near the showers that lead out to the lagoon area.

The place really should have provided some sort of orientation or instructional video for how one is supposed to navigate about the place. You might say that it would have been easy enough for me to note what everyone else was doing or perhaps read the signs posted at the exit. You’d be right if it wasn’t for the fact that I was in a room with other men taking off their clothes. I deliberately don’t pay attention to the people around me in those situations and do my best to keep my eyes from actually focusing on anything. That can make it difficult to see where the exit is.

My experience of the actual lagoon was much more pleasant but all-too brief. The air was cold and the water was hot. We stayed near entrance where it was shallow enough that the girls could just about touch the bottom. The lagoon seemed more than large enough for the crowd that was there, though I didn’t get to wander around much (nor did I partake of the bar that’s right there).

All in all, it seemed as though we were there a long time yet I didn’t feel like I’d spent much time indulging in the actual lagoon. Well, somebody had to stay with the baby; that’s just how it is sometimes. I’m not sure we would have gone to the Blue Lagoon if it hadn’t been included in our trip package, but I am very glad I got to experience it. I’m not the sort of person who goes to a spa or does much self-pampering of that regard (these days, just finding time to take a shower or a nap is a luxury). This, however, really helped us to relax into the vacation and soothe any nerves still jangling from the flight.


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