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“What Did You Do, Ray?!”

It’s Election Day, folks! Gah…
Remember how at the end of the movie when the Ghostbusters are at the top of the building and Gozer the Gozerian demands they pick the form of the Destructor? Well, let’s just say that I won’t be surprised if I go into the voting booth today and find myself staring at a woman with a flat top haircut and glowing red eyes who shouts, “CHOOSE AND PERISH!” 

Sprout is Here!

Apologies for the long gap in activity, Dear Reader, but we’ve been busy havin’ a baby. Yep, that’s right, Baby Sprout has arrived. He and his momma are doing well, and he was well-received by his siblings. We are well on the way to getting our lives back in some kind of order and our sleep on a regular schedule (keep your fingers crossed). So here’s hoping there will be more posts a bit more often soon.

Pop Quiz, Hotshot

Can you guess what book we were reading for school this week, based on this poster by RU and MeToo?

This was the first week in the school room after I cleaned it up, reorganized everything (with a chain lock on the closet), and put up the cork board and a white board.
Before you think I’m awesome at this homeschooling thing, let me also tell you that on the following day that very board with the art project on it got knocked off the wall. Also, I accidentally pulled the chain lock off the door and stapled my index fingers together (could not get a pic of that, sorry.)


After getting out of their princess dress-up clothes for dinner, RU and MeToo came to the table talking about what they’d each been pretending. MeToo said that, had she not been interrupted for mealtime, she would have gone on to get married, when RU interrupted her.
RU: No, you and I are going to get married, remember? We’d decided that we were going to marry each other.
MeToo: Yes. Because we’re sisters and we can always be together.
RU: Yeah, and it’s easier because we already know each other’s name. When I get married, my name will be [recites her current first, middle, and last name]. Which it already is.
MeToo: When I get married, my name will be Olivia.