A couple of weeks ago, I saw a woman who had inadvertently dressed like Han Solo.

The Wife and I had an appointment to interview an OB and I had just dropped her off at the door. Out of the car ahead of me stepped this middle-aged woman wearing a white shirt, a dark vest, dark blue pants, and knee-high boots. All she needed to complete the outfit was a low-slung blaster and a large, hairy friend. There was absolutely nothing about her demeanor to suggest that this was intentional. I mean, no one is going knowingly to put on a Han Solo costume and not adopt a bit of swagger. She was clearly on a mundane errand, blissfully unaware that she had engaged in accidental cosplay.


And the best part? Her car was a white Nissan Rogue. A Rogue.

Oh, and we were interviewing an OB because the Wife is pregnant. Okay, maybe that’s the best part of this story.

We weren’t trying to have another child, but we hadn’t decided we were all done having more, either. You could say we adopted a laissez faire policy towards getting pregnant and felt confident that the difficulties we’d faced trying to conceive RU and MeToo made the point rather moot, anyway. Yeah, we had Z without any help, but that was a fluke, unlikely to happen again.

Well, as Han would say, “Never tell me the odds.”

This little Sprout (as RU has named her latest sibling-to-be) must share that same attitude, because — surprise! — it joined our team pretty much immediately after we’d made our non-decision to not think about whether we wanted another baby or not.

I say “it” though by this point Sprout should definitely warrant a gendered pronoun. We just don’t know which one yet.* We had honestly not cared whether any of our previous children were boys or girls (though I do like to find out as soon as possible). This time around we’re pulling a bit for another boy, mostly because otherwise it will be three sisters and Z. That seems a bit unbalanced.

I, for one, didn’t expect we’d have to worry about such matters just because we wouldn’t have the time. Remember a while ago when I mentioned that we were going to sell our house? Well, we only got about halfway packed up before our trip to Iceland. After that, we decided that trying to move during the holidays seemed like a dumb plan. By the time Christmas was done, we had realized that we just weren’t going to be able to move out and stage our current home until we had a place to move into. 

We have bought a house now (a process which turns out to be a lot of work — thanks a lot, 2008) and will be really, for reals, definitely moving into it as soon as some much-needed work is completed. In about a month, we will have fully relocated from [Undisclosed] to our new home in [Classified]. The Wife has been making a long commute up to [Classified] for years now and, although we love living in [Undisclosed], it will be so much easier to have a zg√©v√vpslxn nn

Sorry, Z got to the laptop for a second. Where was I? Oh, yes. Living just five minutes from the Wife’s workplace, rather than 45, will just make life a lot easier. Especially once Sprout arrives.

So lots of changes and new challenges ahead! And you, Dear Reader, will get to read all about them (though I hope you’ll be patient during the parts of this year when we will inevitably have long delays between posts).


*But we will find out soon. Stay tuned!

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