Happy New Year!

Well, we made it to 2016. It looked like it was going to be a close-run thing there for a while. Both MeToo and Z got infected with something after Christmas that turned them into feverish snot factories. They’ve had a difficult time sleeping, which means the Wife and I have been having a difficult time sleeping. Earlier this week, we had a night where they took turns being awake and inconsolable until… Well, I stopped keeping track of the time after 4am. The rest of this week hasn’t been quite that bad, but don’t think for a moment that we haven’t been experiencing a profound lack of sleep

Later this month, the Blog of the Dad will turn a year old. Look for us to start hitting some of those important developmental milestones — like walking and being able to say a handful of real words — soon.

Do I have any New Year’s resolutions? Not a chance. My resolution for December was to finish all the posts about our Iceland trip before the end of the year, and that sure didn’t happen. I don’t want to draw that out any further but there’s still several posts’ worth of material left. I’m toying with the idea of back-dating any more Iceland stuff so that it stays in 2015. So for those of you who wish to read about our attempt to see the Northern Lights, my huge parenting fail, or some unique kid-friendly things we found in Iceland, keep checking back in December to see if I’ve stuffed them into that month.

Going forward, I am also considering having fewer posts that are bigger and meatier. We’ll see how that goes.

Finally… I need to wrap this up and get some sleep! Happy New Year, Dear Reader!

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