I Could Really Use That Eighth Day of the Week the Beatles Sang About 

Little busy around here these days. We noticed that houses in our neighborhood were now selling rather quickly and for good money. So we decided to strike while the iron was hot and get our house on the market. And we’ve got to do it pronto because we’d already planned a trip to Iceland for the first week of November and we want the house to be staged before we take off.

Iceland? Yes, the Wife found a heck of a deal a while ago. Now that I’m a full-time dad it’s easy for me to travel and take my work with me, so we took advantage of the opportunity. I’m sure international travel will provide for some good posts.
In the meantime, however, we not only have a big trip to prepare for but a house to pack up as well. Of course, we still have all kinds of things already scheduled for this week, everything from doctor appointments to oil changes to a concert, and not all of it can be put off.
Are we crazy? Yes, but we’re also crazy.
On top of that, MeToo seems to have just come down with the pox.
So this seemed like a good time (or maybe just the only time) to test the sleep medication we picked up for the flight to Iceland. After all, some folks (such as the Wife) don’t react normally to medicine that puts other people out. Wouldn’t you know it, now RU is weeping and MeToo is crawling around on the ceiling. So much for that stuff!
So please bear with me, Dear Reader, as my posts are likely to be sporadic for the next couple of weeks.

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