Icelandic Saga

We have just returned from our adventures, Dear Reader, and I am happy to share them with you. 
Last week, the Wife and I, accompanied by her parents (Granma Cake and Granma Shim), took the kids to Iceland, by way of Denver, Colorado. Uncle Apple and Aunt Megan were going to be in Denver on Halloween, so we took the opportunity to break up our flying and spend some time enjoying their company and the locale. 
There’s a lot to talk about (and lots of vacation pictures to bore you with) and I’ll be writing our travelogue as quick as I can. However, I’ll have a couple of jet-lagged preschoolers and a baby with an upside-down sleep schedule to contend with, too, so “as quick as I can” may not be all that quick.
Until then, enjoy this preview, showing the ugliest, most squalid sight we came across:


2 thoughts on “Icelandic Saga”

  1. I want to go to Iceland next fall to see the northern lights. Did you see any on your trip? Any tips for traveling up there would be appreciated.

    Love your blog. I feel like I am there since I know all the characters. xoxo

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