It Is Easier to Destroy Than to Cook

Casualties from this morning

MeToo’s pajamas and high chair due to wetting herself after telling me she didn’t need to go potty.

Two sausage patties and four eggs were sacrificed to make a cheesy-sausage-egg scramble that was only sort of okay. MeToo loved it, at least.

Not as good as it looks
Not as good as it looks

The Wife’s cooking got ruined by yours truly. Months ago, she had put several pre-made meals in the deep freeze in preparation for the coming of Baby Z. I baked a tray of cinnamon rolls and whipped up some icing for them — my first ever attempt at that. The result? Dry, crunchy cinnamon rolls with sweet-but-flavorless paste.

MeToo’s health did not get any favors from breakfast. Remember that we took RU to the ENT doctor recently? MeToo got allergy tested — she’s allergic to eggs! Did I remember? Not until after I served this to her.

One plate met with destruction while MeToo was trying to clean the tray of her second high chair of the morning.

Yep, gravity still works
Yep, gravity still works

The good news? Apparently, I’m getting better at remembering to take pictures of random things for my blog.

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