Pumpkin Science

The official first day of Autumn isn’t for two more weeks yet, despite the fact that Summer is still making sidewalks hot enough to bake on, the next season is already here in the most important way. Yes, I’m talking about those pumpkin-flavored drinks at Starbucks.*

I wasn’t aware that they were already available, myself, until they ended up being a feature of yesterday afternoon’s homeschool session.

The Wife was running errands in town with RU when they called me up and requested that I get a big sheet of paper and prepare it for a chart they wanted to make. They also mentioned that they would be bringing treats.

Arriving home, they spread the chart I had drawn up on the kitchen table and labeled it “Pumpkin Science.” Across the top, they wrote the names of each person in the family: Mom, Dad, RU, MeToo, and Z. Then, they produced the treats.

“We got these at Starbucks and we think we know which one we like best, but wanted more data. Everyone will get a taste, and then we’ll rate them all.”

The treats up for analysis were:

• A pumpkin spice creme frappathingo, which we all thought was okay, but just okay.

  • A chai creme frappasomething with pumpkin added. We all agreed that it was better, and was a favorite for some.
  • Finally, the pumpkin cheesecake bar proved divisive. It was the only thing that some of us didn’t like at all, though I thought it was better than either of the drinks.


And, yes, this absolutely counts as school.

*I have in no way received any compensation from Starbucks, or anyone else, for this post. But I totally should have.

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