RU Sings “Frozen”

My girls love Frozen. Despite the fact that we don’t own the movie or soundtrack, only took them to see it in the theater once, and have fought a losing battle against having any related merchandise in the house they spend a full 15% of their day running around and belting out “Let It Go” at the top of their lungs. They sing it at home, in the car, at the grocery, while any adult nearby is on the phone, and if they start singing it in their sleep, I wouldn’t be surprised.

The thing is, they don’t really know the lyrics. RU had to decipher the words to the song before she had the tubes put in her ears. So whether it was lack of understanding, difficulty hearing, misremembering, or what, the version she pieced together (and refined over many months) deviates from anything you’ll hear from Idina Menzel.

I have attempted to record RU’s lyrics to the best of my ability. In a couple of places, I’m sure I’ve tried to turn pure gibberish into words. But that last line is absolutely what comes out of their mouths.

Here, then, are RU’s lyrics to “Let It Go” (or “Frozen,” as she sometimes calls it; MeToo sometimes calls it “Cin’erella”):

Strange consolation
And everything you want.
It shows me, can’t get to me at alllll.
Time to see what I can do,
Test the wish come true.
Hoda (?) meeeee and brie!
Let it goooo, let it go!
The perfect girl inside;
And I don’t caaaare what they’re going to saaaaay.
The ho never bothered me anyway.

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