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Hell Hath No Fury Like a MeToo Denied

We finally got rid of our cable TV service a month or so ago. Our television is upstairs, so we almost never watch it. The Wife and I may enjoy a show or movie every now and then after the kids are asleep and we have the occasional movie night. And, yes, we’ve had mornings where the girls were up at dawn so the Wife or I turned on the tube and let them watch Daniel Tiger or Curious George while we lay in bed and slowly booted up. For the most part, though, we haven’t noticed a difference in our day-to-day lives.

However… We still have Netflix, but it doesn’t have all the same programs that we had access to with cable, particularly when it comes to children’s shows. On the rare occasions when our girls do get the chance to watch a show, this inevitably causes some problems.

Which brings me to last week, when I told the girls we would get an early bath, put on jammies, and have popcorn and carrots for dinner while we watched a show.

“Yay,” RU cheered, “I wanna watch Spider-Man!”

“I don’ yike Spider-Man,” MeToo objected. “I wan Mickey Mouse Cub House.”

I sighed. Mickey Mouse Club House is one of those favorites that Netflix doesn’t carry. I’ve tried to explain the realities of the situation before but our girls are totally unable to grasp the differences between on-demand shows, Netflix, movies on DVD, and live television. (Seriously, they didn’t even know what a commercial was until a few months ago. It was cute.)

So I looked my two-year-old in the eye and said, as sympathetically as I could manage, “I’m sorry, MeToo. We can’t watch Mickey Mouse Club House because we don’t get it anymore.”

MeToo planted her feet, balled her little hands up into fists, and glared.

“Well,” she said, “you find it!”

And it’s hard to present the image of stern fatherhood when you’re doubled over with laughter.