Thanks a Lot, Granma Cake

RU (sobbing in the now empty bathtub): “Daddy, I’m cold! I need you to help me out of the tub!”

The Dad: “Well, first, you are perfectly capable of stepping out and getting your towel yourself. Second, because I know you prefer for me to help you, I told you that I would if you got out right away. You waited until I was leaving to help MeToo get her pajamas on and then you suddenly wanted to get out. And, thirdly, when I started to help you out of the tub, what did you do?”

RU: “I flicked water in your face.”

The Dad: “That’s right, and you haven’t even apologized for —“

RU: “I’m sorry, Daddy! I don’t know why Granma Cake showed me how to do that because it isn’t very nice. But sometimes I forget that it’s not nice and I do it.”

The Dad: “Yeah, I don’t know why Granma Cake thought it was a good idea to teach you and MeToo to flick water in people’s faces, either, but I wish she hadn’t.”

RU: “Me too!”

The Dad: “But since you have also learned that it isn’t nice you now know how to do it and that you shouldn’t do it, right? I forgive you, RU. Here, let me help you out of the tub.”

(But I’m still waiting for Granma Cake to say she’s sorry.)

One thought on “Thanks a Lot, Granma Cake”

  1. For the record, Granma Cake has denied teaching or demonstrating how to wet one’s fingers and then flick water at people. The girls have always maintained that they learned this wonderful skill while staying over at her house. It is true, however, that kids are not always reliable and Granma Cake will usually own up to stuff like this.

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